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A Consistent Pro-Lifer

June 3, 2009

In response to my rant about the hypocrisy of the pro-life reaction to George Tiller’s murder, Sophia over at In a Shimmering Pool forwarded me a link to this comment about “The Shallowness of the Pro-Life Movement“:

It is one thing to declare that the killing of Tiller the killer was an unjust act of vigilantism, I couldn’t agree more. It is one thing to say we need a just state to give the man due process and execution at the hands of the state for his crimes against society. All fine and good. I don’t think the man who did this made a wise decision. However, it is quite another to bubble over with all this sympathy for a man who murdered thousands and a family that supported him and lived off of his blood money. I would not have profound sorrow for the man who dismembered my son or anyone else’s, except for the loss of his soul to the lowest regions of hell without final repentance. I should hope to see the state put a bullet in his brain. I should not do so myself, believing in law, but if someone else did so I would scarcely be troubled but for the loss of his soul. The whole silly episode is a betrayal of principles. The reaction ranges from a C.Y.A. stance to an emotional outpouring divorced from core principles. The principles of being pro-life, and opposing abortion is to see the end of that evil since every act of abortion is murder. The execution of Tiller, though entirely misguided from the order of justice, does indeed accomplish that end, and we should be thankful that Tiller can no longer lower his place in hell if nothing else.

Instead the pro-life movement in some circles is almost ready to salute Tiller as a model human being. It is based on the fallacy that nothing ever justifies taking another life. We know this is false. If an enemy is threatening immediate harm which he can in fact carry out on your family you have the right to kill him. You have a right to kill a man who is going to rape a woman, and in a just war you have the right to kill the enemy under the enemy flag, provided the war is founded on right principles (self defense, preventative conflicts, etc).

While this is horrific, this is how I would expect a pro-lifer to respond if he or she really believed the pro-life rhetoric.

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  1. canadian permalink
    October 30, 2009 12:43 pm

    I am pro-life myself but “nothing ever justifies taking another life” is exactly what I believe. So I am not only against abortion and euthanasia but also against war and capital punishment, and yes even killing in self-defense.

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