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Thinly Veiled Critique of Wal-Mart

August 11, 2009

This looks like it’s old, but it’s new to me:

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  1. August 11, 2009 12:28 pm

    Have you come across the book ‘To Serve God & Walmart’?

    I remember going to a great paper at the AAR in San Diego on Walmart architecture back in 2007.

  2. missivesfrommarx permalink*
    August 11, 2009 5:55 pm

    I saw a blurb for it when it first came out, but I was uninterested because it struck me as uncritical. Is it good?

  3. August 15, 2009 3:49 pm

    Brilliant. Wal-Mart is poison.

  4. Wal-Mart Watcher permalink
    August 24, 2009 10:29 am

    To Serve God and Wal-Mart is an amazing book. It takes a hard look at the company and explains all of the cultural work that religious conservatives did to make people think that the invisible hand of the market was the hand of God. It is a real eye-opener. The research in this book is stunning–she spent a lot of time in Central America and in the Ozarks. This is the best book i have read that explains Red America to Blue America.

  5. missivesfrommarx permalink*
    August 24, 2009 5:36 pm

    Wal-Mart Watcher: Well, I’m going to have to put it on my wish list; thanks for the recommendation!

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