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More on Robertson

January 15, 2010

James McGrath has made an interesting comment on Robertson that I would like to ditto. He had some cool things to say here, and a lot of links to here, but it’s a comment he made in the discussion on the latter post that I want to quote:

one can either subordinate the “don’t directly connect suffering and sin” passages to the “people get what they deserve” passages, or they can do the reverse. My only really strong objection is when people quote one of the two and pretend the other isn’t there, and thus pretend the Bible is something it isn’t and at the same time create an endorsement for their position from that imagined Bible, as it were.

Most of the denunciations of Robertson I’ve seen have done just this: pretended the other stuff in the Bible isn’t there, and pretended the Bible is something it isn’t.

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